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A Guide to Managing Menopause

I cannot personally relate to perimenopause or menopause…yet. However, I do have many friends and clients who tell me about the not so pleasantries that can come along with this new chapter of our lives.

This got me thinking.

We categorize so many things as normal over our lifetimes, don’t we? For example, I lived with an irregular menstrual cycle all through middle and high school. My parents told me this was normal because of how active I was as a kid and how hard I was on it as a hard core athlete.

I don’t blame my parents as that’s what they were told. But was this normal? No.

Just like headaches, achy joints, severe fatigue, bloating, and gas are not “normal.”

Because of the society we live in and the busy lives we live, we push things off. We place duct tape over our check engine lights, and proceed as normal. Cause who has time to waste on all this stuff anyhow, right? Ain’t got time for this!

So, the irregular cycles, headaches, pains, fatigue, and things become a normal part of our lives. We adopt them as our new normal.

The scary part of this is that if we don’t correct course, we may forget how good we could actually feel! Not to mention these “warning signs” given to us by our bodies as a “hey you, pay attention, something is not right here” only compound and become bigger problems later.

My acne as a kid was a reflection of my compromised gut microbiome. My gut microbiome then compounded into a PCOS, Endometriosis, autoimmune issue. It wasn’t until I corrected the cause of these symptoms that they went away.

How many times do we wait until something major happens before doing something out it? I know I did.

Preventative measures are the best way to preserve our health and wellness.

Whether you are approaching menopause or you’re already there, I wanted to provide you with something to help you navigate this new chapter.

This guide to managing menopause is for those who want to:

  • Feel great and want to keep the train rolling
  • Begin balancing hormones
  • Reduce or eliminate fatigue, night sweats, and/or hot flashes
  • Learn what superfoods are game-changers in the menopause arena
  • plus much more!

If this may sound like something of interest to you, be sure to Get Your Guide to Managing Menopause Now!

Happy hormone balancing!



2 thoughts on “A Guide to Managing Menopause”

  1. Hi Jess

    I love the topic of hormones. I clicked the link of course to check it out. Looking forward to it

    I was thinking this would be a good thing for me to share in my group, maybe get more traction?!

    💕Dreana Ō Wellness Advocate (614)323-1198



    1. Hi Dreana! Yes, of course, you can share the link to this article or the link to the guide if you think the people you know would benefit from this info. If your hormones are working against you, it makes things very difficult, that’s for sure!


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