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What is regenerative farming and how does it impact our nutrition?

The food that we eat today is approximately 50% less nutrient dense in some cases than the food once consumed approximately 50-70 years ago. Yikes!

When I read that statistic I immediately dove into the research. This lead me to something called regenerative farming.

Regenerative farming is a holistic land-management practice that uses the power of photosynthesis in plants to sequester carbon in the soil while improving soil health, crop yields, water resilience, and nutrient density. Basically, regenerative farmers use what nature gave them. Things like pesticides, herbicides, and glyphosate are not used as they are in conventional farming.

Conventional farming is the use of seeds that have been genetically altered using a variety of traditional breeding methods, excluding biotechnology, and are not certified as organic.

Regenerative famers focus on nutrient dense SOIL. The healthier the soil, the more nutrient dense the food that is grown. If you take a look at a regenerative farmer’s soil, it looks like chocolate cake. Conventional farmer’s soil is nothing but dirt because the soil and the microorganisms in the soil have been killed by all the man-made concoctions being used.

The health of the soil determines the nutrient value of the food just like the state of our gut microbiome determines the quality of our health.

I encourage you to do some research to see if you have any regenerative farmers near you. Where you spend your dollar matters. You get better quality, more nutrient dense food, while supporting your local community. It really is a win win.

For more info on this topic, check out this documentary on Amazon Prime. Here is a quick trailer:

I live in central Ohio and get my produce from YellowBird Foodshed and get my meat from both Sweet Grass Dairy Farm and The Never Tread Homestead.

If you are looking for a place to get meat from a regenerative source that is not in Ohio, you can check out Force of Nature or check out some other local near you.

Each time you sit down for a meal, I encourage you to consider where your food has come from. Take moment to thank the animals that have given their lives so that you can nourish your own. Feel the deep connection to the earth and remain grateful for all that you’ve been given.

Stay bold, stay healthy, stay empowered.


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