How Stress Impacts Our Health

When you hear the word stress, what comes to mind? Perhaps your first thought is the emotional stressor. This looks like the 100 items to-do list you have yet to start on, the argument you had with a spouse that hasn't been resolved, the commute to work that takes longer than it should, or the health… Continue reading How Stress Impacts Our Health


Toxic Ingredients to Avoid

  Ingredients To Avoid List   Here is a list of 43 supplement additives to avoid when shopping:    Acesulfame potassium (K): artificial sweetener. Beeswax: derived from honeycomb and then sterilized. Used for flavoring and to coat tablets. Considered safe but should be avoided by anyone who has bee allergies Benzyl alcohol: an antimicrobial preservative. On the FDA’s… Continue reading Toxic Ingredients to Avoid